Emergency Cleaning

Our emergency cleaning services include a clean-up of any hazardous environments. Reliance Cleaning Solutions have a 24/7 support line that will support you in the events of trauma scenes, after death or suicide, and crime scenes. These scenes can be very distressing and it is crucial that these potentially hazardous situations are dealt with promptly, expertly and with understanding. Reliance Cleaning Solutions offer a decontamination package for a fast response, all hours solution to emergency scenarios such as:

  • Vacant properties where drug paraphernalia and bodily fluids could be present
  • Safe removal of biohazardous fluids
  • Trauma cleaning
  • Sudden death or suicides
  • Prison cell decontamination
  • Crime scenes
  • Clean-up of flood and sewage damaged properties
  • Ambulance and emergency vehicle cleaning
  • Sharps removal and disposal
  • Hazardous waste cleaning and removing

Our trained operatives have the necessary experience to complete the work with compassion and  professionalism.  We will supply operators who have the expert knowledge required for the safe removal of materials after a traumatic event.